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Testimonials and Real Results

"Our Family enjoyed the process of creating a Family Charter with Roger as our skilled facilitator. He ensures that each generation clearly understands the values, goals, and rules necessary for success. The clarity provided by this document gives our Family and our Family Business the best chance to last for generations to come.  Roger was a great listener, and even when we had some challenging things to discuss as a family, handled it brilliantly. He captured our ideas and even the family history into a document we can have and share for many years to come.”

         Alan Hendy, 2nd generation CEO, Neal’s Design and Remodelling

“I had the pleasure of co-facilitating the Roadmap Institute series through The Goering Center for Family Business with Roger Johannigman several times.  The Roadmap program focuses on building family harmony on a foundation of strengthened family communication.  Roger was insightful, genuine and knowledgeable about the requirements and competencies necessary to successfully grow and maintain a family-run business.  His firsthand experience and

generosity in sharing that experience was clearly appreciated by the participants.”

    Linda Gravett, CEO, Gravett and Associates

“Roger is the primary reason we were able to complete our multi-year succession planning effort (from first to second generation), on schedule and, more importantly, on great terms!  Roger has deep experience working with a broad array of family businesses and was able to adeptly guide my family through the tricky waters often associated with transition planning.  He's a fantastic listener, extremely fair and helped facilitate a successful strategy that acknowledged and benefited each stakeholder."

David M. Rogers, 2nd Generation CEO, Time timer

“Family businesses comprise the backbone of our economy, yet are uniquely challenged.  Having worked with Roger for several years at the Goering Center, he has the distinctive ability to advise and facilitate business owners and teams to address their planning and communication needs.  His integrity and commitment is uncompromised. "



Larry Grypp, former President, Goering Center for Family and Private Business, University of Cincinnati

"Roger has been a Great Addition to our Team. In his role as adviser, he has helped us begin the transition of our family business from G2 to G3. One of our biggest challenges was communicating between the generations (G2 and G3) in a way that was positive, effective and professional.


Roger’s respectful, calm and patient approach set the tone for our meetings. His demeanor was always positive, impartial and non-judgmental. He helped us slow down in our rush to predetermine what the other generation was saying and listen to what was actually being said. Roger identified the ‘triggers” that were breaking down our communication and provided guidance both on avoiding the triggers and suggestions on what to do if those breakdowns occurred.


Roger wore many different hats during our meetings, at times a mediator, counselor, teacher and advisor. He actively listened to our comments and concerns and provided clear and specific actionable steps, when needed, to assist us in overcoming our communication challenges.


One of Roger’s strengths was his ability to observe our interactions and identify the communication obstacles we faced. Once identified, Roger would guide us, in a rational and insightful way, to solving those issues."


Barry Shives, 2nd Generation CEO, Future Growth Enterprise 

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