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Build strong families. Build strong businesses.  


Second, Third, and Fourth generation businesses need family governance structures that compliment the business board of directors and business policies, and the shareholder group and shareholder agreements. We help business families put these structures in-place by:


  • Developing a family charter with family members. This important document lays out the guidelines for family member employment, stock ownership, family values, and family conflict resolution.

  • Determine what a family council should look like; its goals, structure, and processes.

  • Determine the agenda and facilitate the first family meeting.


Segue establishes ground rules for family discussions, creating a “safe place” for members to say what they mean, and to hear what others want by asking the right questions:


  • What is the purpose of the shared enterprise? 

  • What does the business mean to you?  To other participants? 

  • How do you see the business today... in 10 years?

  • Why are we in this business together?

  • Define who is “family.”  Define who will own stock. 

  • Define the conditions for family members to enter the business. 

  • How will communications occur with non-participating family members? 

  • With non-family key executives?

  • Create a safe place for families to talk.


Segue aims to support the business, the transition team, and the family in order to assist in formulating the succession plan, identify difficult issues, and presenting alternative solutions when conflict arises. We help identify the demands of the future, review the roles of the family members in the business, and assist in defining new roles for the G-1 and family members.  We also can identify additional human resources needed. Areas we review:


  • Legal structures, and structures to minimize taxes.

  • Guide the implementation of the plan, and monitor the transition process.

  • Anticipate side effects of the transition plan.

  • Help to identify and reconcile:

         > G1’s Personal and Financial Goals

         > G1’s Estate Planning Goals

         > Family Needs and Interests

         > Business Needs and Interests

         > G2’s Personal and Financial Goals

         > Key Employees’ Concerns

         > Legal and Tax Issues 


Strategic planning in family businesses takes on an additional level of complexity— especially when two generations of family members are involved.  The plan must not only provide guidance and direction to the business, but also to family members.  We have developed a family business strategic planning process utilizing the Entrepreneurial Operating System model developed by Gino Wickman, and explained in the book, Traction.


Roger Johannigman facilitates executive peer advisory groups, and performs executive coaching through Vistage International.


Executive peer advisory groups provide a safe, challenging, confidential, non-competitive environment in which executives learn to make better decisions, and achieve better results.  


The Benefits of an Executive Peer Advisory Group:


Improve business decisions and results.

Discover fresh perspectives on complex issues. Get actionable insights to drive and sustain growth.


Gain expert advice.
Talk candidly and confidentially with executives who have faced similar challenges. Get unbiased advice. Find an ideal sounding board.


Develop leadership skills.
Find and fix your blind spots. Challenge your assumptions. Inspire your best thinking.


Discover new trends and opportunities.
Connect directly with experts for personalized advice on your most persistent challenges.


How Vistage Executive Peer Advisory Groups work:


Confidential peer advisory boards

  • Work on your most pressing issues with an exclusive group of 12-16 chief executives from non-competing industries

  • Sessions led by Roger Johannigman, a highly trained executive coach

  • 12 full-day meetings per year


Private executive coaching

  • One-to-one coaching from Roger Johannigman, a seasoned executive committed to your continued success

  • 12 ninety-minute coaching sessions per year

  • Personalized guidance to navigate your unique challenges and opportunities


World-class speakers and events

  • Learn from experts at your advisory board meetings, regional events and boot camps

  • Activate new ideas for business growth and personal development


Specialized networks and communities

  • 24/7 access to more than 22,000 members across 20 countries

  • Online and in-person communities organized by industry, function or geography

  • Receive high-value answers to tactical questions

  • Support, guidance and recommendations from executives and subject-matter experts


For more information about Vistage Executive Peer Advisory Groups, visit

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"Family businesses comprise the backbone of our economy, yet are uniquely challenged.  Having worked with Roger for several years at the Goering Center, he has the distinctive ability to advise and facilitate business owners and teams to address their planning and communication needs.  His integrity and commitment is uncompromised."


Larry Grypp

Former President

Goering Center for Family and Private Business, University of Cincinnati

"Roger has deep experience working with a broad array of family businesses and was able to adeptly guide my family through the tricky waters often associated with transition planning.  He's a fantastic listener, extremely fair and helped facilitate a successful strategy that acknowledged and benefited each stakeholder."

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